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A day in the life of a Business Presentation Designer (BPD)

A typical working day of a Business Presentation Designer has many facets: unique presentations to design, interesting people to work with, and lots of creative opportunities. To see if this role is the right one for you, read about a typical day in the life of a BPD.
2:05 PM

The afternoon shift starts with a flurry of activities

As I walk into the office at the start of my shift, I get to see all my friends from the early shift and hear from my Team Leader about any important announcements or upcoming activities. Even though there are hundreds of people working here in any given shift, each service team is like its own “family” –you feel connected and a part of the team. They just announced that a colleague in my team received a GEM – “Going the Extra Mile” – Award and the whole cluster is applauding. His picture is going up on the pantry walls! I look forward to winning a GEM Award one day, but for now, I got a presentation assigned to me with a tight deadline, so I’m ready to go!

4:00 PM

Turning a mediocre presentation into a work of art

I finished the presentation and I’m really happy with the way it looks. Like all McKinsey consultants, this associate from Dubai is really demanding and has very high expectations, so I had to use all my visual skills to give this presentation some pizazz. I had to give it a consistent color scheme and re-lay out the slides that the consultant sent, and they really needed work! Time to grab a quick coffee before the next request hits my desk.

4:30 PM

No two presentations are ever the same

This next document I get to work on looks really challenging. The consultant (this time from Shanghai) has asked us to come up with a unique design based on the client branding. They require a black background presentation with all the shapes given a textured shade of gold or silver. The client is one of the top automobile brands and the output expectation is really high in terms of design. But no worries over here! I have some experts to help me out with this task. The template team has created a cool template and color scheme for this request, and on top of that, a senior graphic designer has provided the illustrations and images which need to be used in the presentation. Now I have to adapt the slides to the new template and color scheme along with the images and make sure the slides look really stunning. It’s not as easy as it seems, but I plan to bounce my ideas with my Team Leader and get his advice on how to proceed with this.

6:30 PM

You have support when you need it

This particular presentation request is a bit tricky. The German consultant I’m supporting with this one has asked us to make the presentation “jazzy,” but the default color palette has shades of red and green which is not a good combination at all. On top of that, the consultant was not reachable over the phone to discuss a little more the style, colors, etc., that he is looking for. Considering we are dealing with high-profile corporate presentations, the tricky part in this situation is finding a balance between a jazzy and a professional design. Before starting on the document, I should have a discussion with my Team Leader and Coach on how to proceed with the request. They have faced similar scenarios often, and I’m sure they will be able to give me some guidance here.

8:00 PM

The office is at a great location

Had a bite at the food court downstairs and I now have a request assigned to me that involves adding in some animation for a workshop quiz. The consultant team wants an interactive presentation with the slides looking similar to the "Who wants to be a Millionaire?" screen. This is the first time I will be handling an animation request, and I am happy that my Team Leader has trusted me with this task. This looks really interesting and I plan to learn more about using animation in presentations with guidance from John, my senior colleague. He is a great coach, and I have seen some complex and really cool animations done by him earlier.

10:05 PM

I can leave the office with a sense of accomplishment

The animation request is completed and has been emailed to the consultant team– I hope they like it and it will be well-received by the client. As I’m logging out, my Team Leader comes over and tells me that a consultant has just sent an appreciation note for the presentation I had done earlier for the automobile brand. It seems his team and the client loved the final presentation. Tomorrow I will share this with my colleagues who helped me with the template and graphics.

10:30 PM

Unwinding after a busy day

In the cab now and it’s time to unwind after a busy day. One thing I can say for sure is that the 8 hours just flew by! Now we have a great time laughing in the cab about all sorts of topics and the latest news around town. We are also planning our team activity for tomorrow’s office competitions, and we want our team to win!